Plastic Saved From Use – 9 Months In - How We Did It

Every few months I input every Plentiful sale into a spreadsheet of average plastic consumption, people’s success with products, and average pack sizes at all local shops and supermarkets.
From here, I can work out – if Plentiful didn’t exist, how many pieces of unnecessary single use plastic and packaging would be been bought and used instead.
It’s a big’un. Nine months in, and 41 weeks since opening, here’s an insight of the breakdown:
38000 single use face wipes, based on a person using reusable face wipes twice daily for one year
492 plastic bags of pasta based on the largest supermarket pack size
1041 plastic bags of nuts, half supermarket pack size, half online & bulk
428 plastic bottles of shampoo from either refills or swaps to shampoo bars
343 plastic bottles of laundry liquid (refilling on average 1.5 litre bottles in store)
585 unrecyclable tubes of toothpaste switched to Truthpaste or Toothpaste Tablets
And my absolute favourite?
40,640 disposable menstrual items switched to reusable pads and MoonCups. (I based this very conservatively, too!) As a woman, the best and biggest environmental impact I have made in my personal life is this switch.

Added together, we have saved a humongous total of:

651,906 pieces of plastic.


Thank you all so much for supporting this incredible journey, listening to scientific research, taking it into your own homes and helping develop and grow Plentiful to make such a huge impact.

To compare, supermarkets sell 112,000 pieces of plastic packaging (not even counting the disposables inside!) every minute in the UK. Our 651,906 pieces barely scratches the surface, but the messages we are sending through shopping in a way we believe – that has an impact on a gigantic scale. Let’s keep supporting what we believe in.