About us

Plentiful started its journey as Fulfilled, a little shop in Ramsbottom, the first zero waste shop in Greater Manchester. 

Pretty quickly, local newspapers, TV and radio caught wind - before national press gave the plastic free shop all the publicity it needed in order to make real ripples in the fight for plastic free.

Yes, we've had a bit of an uplift six months in. This is just the beginning for Plentiful. A rebirth, reincarnation, a little growth spurt - bringing to you the home of plastic free living.

plentiful plastic free shop fulfilled ramsbottom
Abbie Sellers, founder of Plentiful (formerly Fulfilled Plastic Free Shop)


Our Mission:

- Make plastic free living a reality, not just for a few eco warriors - but for anyone.

- Prevent 1 million pieces of plastic per year from being bought unnecessarily 

- Use as little plastic as we possibly can in running the business, both in what we receive and what we send. (We will never send your products in plastic!)

- Educate children and local schools

- Help create a movement of independent zero waste stores, to show big corporations that consumers are ready for change

- Support small businesses working hard to innovate and create plastic free living items, by prioritising small companies and local manufacturers.

- Responsibly source all of our food to the best we can, prioritising organic farming methods, fair trade and palm oil free.

- Always be on hand to offer advice on the best ways to reduce our environmental impact. We're learning too!