• The News Shed - Children's Online Newspaper Interview

    This month, I was overjoyed to get to share another interview with The News Shed, a weekly digital and printable newspaper for Key Stage 2 primary school pupils, designed to encourage reading and an awareness of current affairs. If this is up your street, it's among a wide range of educational re... View Post
  • Hair Thinning - What I Wish I'd Known & How To Grow Hair Quicker

    After being diagnosed with autoimmune hypo thyroiditis last year, my hair thinned until I had very little left on my temples, and my thick long hair from the back had become thin, straggly, and uneven from patches where growth had stopped. 18 months on, I'd tried everything, read every book, take... View Post
  • The Flip Side to the Ban on Single Use Plastics

    Banning single-use plastics in the UK is not the solution to the plastic problem, rather it is a step that is needed on a much longer journey.

    This is why.

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