Fulfilled to Plentiful: Why It's No More

When Fulfilled: Plastic Free Shop opened in September 2018, I was new to business, following my gut and making a lot of decisions unassisted.

What could go wrong?

Well, nothing went wrong. The first six months of Fulfilled were a dream come true. I worked my (bamboo) socks off 7 days a week and I've never felt so lucky.

In July, a survey on local Facebook groups resulted in 500 responses, 99% eager to see a plastic free shop open in Ramsbottom.

In August, a quick e-mail to the mayor's office resulted in Andy Burnham opening the shop.

Sky News, Daily Mail, ITV, The Metro, BBC Lancs, Tower FM, Bury Times, BBC Radio Manchester, The Sun, The Star, The Independent (to name a few) all caught wind and approached me to cover the shop. 

It seemed everything to do with Fulfilled came so naturally, one idea lead to another, and I followed my gut. 

In that first six months we welcomed over 1000 customers and saved over 155,000 pieces of plastic from unnecessary use. We gained 3000 Facebook followers, made bonds I'll never forget, and learnt essentially, how to run a business single handedly. 

So, of course something had to crop up, didn't it?

A few weeks back I learnt of a trademark issue surrounding the name 'Fulfilled' - 'apply for trademark' had been on my ever-growing 'To Do' list since the idea of the shop, but it had drowned in tasks which all seemed more pressing at the time. 

Could I have fought it? I could have tried.

Could a small independent business running for 6 months afford to? Absolutely not.

So, after a few weeks of instability, a good cry, a lot of phone-calls and panic, I began to refocus.

April 2019 I was planning on building the business further, hiring, developing an online food shop - perhaps the rebirth of the shop was actually, another 'meant to be' moment. Perhaps actually, it all ties together. Did I want to share a name with another business anyway?


So, here's the new name, the same shop, a new era.


Why this name? It's exactly what I believe living plastic free & low impact should and can be. We can have plenty, all we need, all we want. We can live how we wish, feel satisfied in all we have, but not have a huge impact on the planet too.

I hope all my wonderful customers will all support me on this journey.

If you'd like to help:
-Please share my new name social media posts to spread the word
- Take a photo and share the new sign
- E-mail editors if you see the old name being used
- And of course - come and say hello!

Much love,