• Tonys Chocolonely slavery free ethical fair-trade taster pack

Tony's Chocolonely Tasting Gift Pack (6x47g)

Pack contains small tasting bars of: Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate Nougat, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate.

Tony's Chocolonely are on a mission to make make 100% slave free chocolate the NORM. ⁠

Things aren't being shared evenly in the chocolate supply chain. The chain starts with millions of farmers who produce cocoa, forced to live in poverty with illegal child labour and modern slavery. In control of this are a handful of chocolate company giants who make more profit at the lowest price possible. Cheap chocolate for consumers, little or no wage for the farmers.⁠

Tony's Chocolonely have a 3 step aim:⁠
1. Create awareness in cocoa communities and here in the hand of the consumer (their bars are totally irregular in shape to represent an unfair share!)⁠
2. Lead by example - Tony's chocolate is traceable, they build partnerships with the cocoa farmers and pay fairly, and provide training. They prove it can be done.⁠
3. They inspire to act - they're always challenging this slave norm and maintain an ongoing dialogue with politicians, NGOs and academia to increase the pressure on the industry to adopt their recipe for slave-free cocoa.⁠
May contain traces of Eggs, Peanuts and Nuts.
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