• Loofco plastic free eco friendly loofah washing up pad

LoofCo Washing Up Pad

A natural non-scratch washing up pad made from compostable loofah. 
Great for general dish washing, or a good non-scratch scourer.

Biodegradable, recyclable packaging.

Swap for: plastic washing up sponges & scourers.

Why is it special? 
The loofah (also known as luffa) is a fruit, used for its fibrous properties when fully ripened. It has been used in many cultures for thousands of years. 

It's light, flexible and softens slightly when wet. A pretty versatile little fruit! The shape makes it perfect to hold in the hand and get inside mugs and bowls.

This particular sponge is handmade in Egypt, layers of the dried loofah stitched together with cotton and hung with a cotton rope.

Size: 10cm x 14cm

  • £2.95