Plentiful’s core values are to:

  1. PROVIDE ETHICAL SHOPPING CHOICE - Create a choice for the local and wider community – to allow people to shop in ways they truly believe and have the resources to move away from supermarkets and unethical corporations.
  2. NET POSITIVE IMPACT - To have a positive net impact on the environment and in our ethics – we choose either small, organic, local, ethical or B Corp brands and products to stock. Reducing waste and selling sustainable products is what we commit to doing and incorporate this into our daily practice.
  3. BE HAND IN HAND WITH THE COMMUNITY - To give back to both our local community through donations, creating a warm and inviting safe space, educating our followers and customers, becoming and remaining a pillar throughout the pandemic, and providing opportunities for those who want to learn or develop skills.


After 5 years (nearly!) since the birth of Plentiful, we’ve always ran our store hand in hand with the local community. We have positively impacted so many people’s lives, and with some help – we aim to reach so many more.

As promised, 2023 is a year of growth for us. We are through the pandemic’s worst, and are on the brink of a very exciting year. We are aiming to hit UK wide and grow our veg box scheme, and we want to do this with you guys. We want to create a business that collaborates with its local community.

We’d love for you to help us, and that’s why we’ve developed the Plentiful Volunteer Scheme.

This is for people who want to spend their time actively:

  • Developing skills to get back into work (or first time in work)
  • Gaining training in retail, customer service, veg box packing and delivering (and anything else we can!)
  • Meeting new people and having an enjoyable time in a fast paced and social environment
  • Preparing themselves to go back to work after time away
  • Being more active – there’s never really a sit-down moment!
  • Learning about produce, nutrition, packaging, ethics, and the environment – and how Plentiful works.

We are looking for volunteers to spend the day integrating in the Plentiful team ideally for one day per week minimum. (Core hours 10am – 3pm) We find this helps in terms of picking up skills and maintaining relationships with the team.

In return, you will receive:

  • A personalised action plan to reach your goals, tailored around you
  • The opportunity to make new friends and join the team - an astounding number of us face isolation at any age
  • A whole host of new skills and experience - to meet your needs, learning about a specific topic, how retail works, customer service, buying, merchandising, whatever you want to focus on the most.
  • Quarterly reviews to help you develop and have a great experience
  • 20% shop discount

The current roles we are hoping to provide and fill (along with how many vacancies) are:

  • Volunteer Ethical Store Assistant (5) - Most required
  • Volunteer Veg Box Packer/Delivery (Tuesdays) (1, or 2 Shared)
  • Volunteer Co-ordinator and Recruiter
  • Volunteer Events Creator
  • Volunteer Product Packer (up to 2)


(There is no reason why one person wouldn’t be able to fill 2 roles, over 2 days if required)


If you’d like to volunteer with us, please send us an email explaining briefly:

  • What role(s) you’d like to fill
  • Why you’re looking to volunteer and a little about you. (What’s your brief story?)
  • Your availability: what days, times, and how many days?


Our e-mail address: vacancies@plentifulshop.co.uk

Contact name: Abbie