• Loofco plastic free reusable ecofriendly bath-time loofah

LoofCo Bathtime Loofah

Adorable heart shaped natural Loofco bathtime loofah for a more eco friendly shower. Made from raw, sustainable luffa / loofah plant that provides great absorbency and gentle exfoliating cleaning. Not forgetting that each one is handmade in Egypt using traditional craft techniques, the workers are paid a fair wage and the cottage industry, crop growth and traditional skills are all nurtured and supported.

Cute gift or addition to the bathroom.

Usage Instructions:

Rinse thoroughly before first use. Use on wet skin with soap or gel and massage gently for the most exfoliating and invigorating experience.

Hang in the bath/shower to dry out and keep clean & tidy.

Tip: wet loofah and microwave for 30 seconds to kill bacteria!

Made using luffa plant, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, hand made in Egypt, biodegradable and compostable, machine washable.

  • £3.50