• Washable Pad Full Cycle Kit

Washable Pad Full Cycle Kit

Eco Femme Washable Sanitary Pad Full Cycle Kit - all you need for your sustainable period. 

Includes: 2 panty liners, 2 day pads, 2 day pad plus pads, 1 night pad, 1 canvas travel pouch, full instructions on care and use. All vibrant colours to tell the pads apart.

Ethically traded & hand stitched by a women's co-operative. With every Full Cycle Kit you purchase, you contribute 5 cloth pads for a girl in India through Eco Femme's Pad for Pad programme.

Each pad has multiple layers for absorbency, plus PUL for leak-proofing.

Vegan, ethically traded, hand stitched, organic cotton, unbleached, charitable buy.

Swap for: disposable single use sanitary wear.

Why make the swap? 
In the UK, we throw away 4.3 billion sanitary items each year, these take 500-800 years to decompose. Washable sanitary pads are a simple alternative, and are a kind investment to yourself and the planet.

If looked after, pads can last 5 years instead of 5 hours.

Eco Femme Pads are ethically traded, and the Full Cycle Kit is a vibrant bundle meant to be all you need to switch to a plastic free period.

Each pad has a comfortable soft unbleached cotton flannel top side, with up to 7 layers of absorbency, plus a hidden PUL (polyurethane laminate) layer for leak proofing.

This pack also contains an Eco Femme carry pouch, for switching pads when out and about.

Eco Femme is a global women's empowerment project, promoting menstrual practices that are healthy, dignified, affordable and eco-positive.

Rural Indian womens collectives stitch these pads, which are then ethically traded - available to Indian women at cost price to be affordable, and sold internationally to help sustain and fund the project. By choosing Eco Femme products, you are supporting this valuable and worthwhile project. 

Each pack comes packaged with full instructions and a menstrual tracking chart.

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