WUKA Ultimate Midi Brief - Medium Flow - SMALL

Plastic free period underwear - couldn't be easier, or comfier, than period pants. 

WUKA take pride in their period knickers. A UK started company and women led - they made the UK's first ever reusable leak-proof period underwear. (aka period pants!) And we absolutely reckon they're the best period wear going. 

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass because they (and we) truly believe that nothing should hold you back on your period. They are firm believers that periods should not cost the earth. Equality, social and environmental responsibility are at the heart of everything they do.

How they work...

- Multiple LAYERS
The middle layers absorb and lock-in the blood, whilst the outer, moisture-wicking layers keep you feeling secure and dry. Each leak-proof layer is very breathable to reduce any smells and chance of infection.


All WUKA's period pants feature a high and wide rise gusset to lock-in period blood and urinary leaks, keeping you feel safe and secure all day.

 How long can you wear them for?

WUKA recommend you can wear them for around a day, or 8 hours. The Medium Flow range hold around 3 tampons worth of blood - so you know your body best!

How do I wash them?

For best results, rinse your WUKAs after use and then machine wash with a dark-coloured load at 40° without fabric conditioner. Be sure to line dry your WUKAs, as tumble drying can affect absorbance.

How many do I need?

That all depends on how frequently you do a wash and the length of your period. We'd recommend gradually building up to around 5 pairs, for a fairly long cycle and washed in the middle.

What are they made from?

WUKA Midi Period Briefs are made from Tencel. Tencel is an eco-friendly fabric made from responsibly sourced wood pulp from carefully managed beech tree forests. Tencel is FSC certified, which ensures that the trees are sustainably managed and environmental and social standards are met.

Tencel is produced in an entirely ‘closed-loop’ process, which means that its solvents are contained and reused, ensuring that no contaminants are released into the environment. The fibres are compostable and biodegradable, which means they can fully revert back to nature.

What size do I need?

This size chart applies to all, WUKA Ultimate, Organic, Basics and WUKA Perform ranges.

Whilst Plentiful Currently only stocks S, M and L, we are a micro business buying through a small wholesaler. As we grow and sell more period pants, we'll absolutely be stocking 2XS - 6XL. That's our main aim. For ALL sizes head to WUKA's website.

Size UK Size Universal Hip Size

4 - 6


80 - 85

6 - 8


85 - 90

8 - 10


90 - 95

10 - 12


95 - 100

12 - 14


100 - 105

14 - 16


105 - 110

16 - 18


110 - 115

18 - 20


115 - 120

20 - 22


120 - 125

22 - 24


125 - 130

24 - 26


130 - 135

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