• Waycap Dolce Gusto stainless steel reusable coffee capsules x2

Refillable Coffee Capsule - Dolce Gusto

WayCap is an infinitely refillable stainless steel coffee pod for Dolce Gusto. Save money, save waste & have more freedom with your coffee.

The kit contains: 2 Refillable Capsules for Dolce Gusto System + 1 manual dispenser + 1 support ring + 2 different interchangeable filters for each capsule, one for espresso grind and one for fine grinds.

What Makes These Special?
Millions of disposable coffee capsules go to landfill, incineration or imported overseas. We have been sold the enticing idea of convenience over everything - so we bought these easy capsule machines. Sure, the coffee is great - but the capsules are costly, both in pence and for the planet.

WayCap is a stainless steel capsule you simply fill with freshly ground coffee (ethical is best, plastic free if you can) - add the lid and insert into your machine.

Simply empty the used ground coffee into the compost or food waste bin, wash and reuse.

Swap for: disposable single use coffee capsules.

Materials: Stainless steel capsule and filter lids, plastic holder and tamper (made to be easily cleaned and durable, so should last a lifetime).

Packaging: Cardboard with small plastic pouches to safely store the lids (keep them in here, don't throw away!)

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