• Organic Baby Wipes
  • Organic Baby Wipes

Organic Baby Wipes

8 x Super soft organic cotton reusable wipes. Ideal for babies' skin, simply wash & reuse.

For a full on-the-go kit team up with a pad purse for the mucky wipes.

Hand made in Rossendale, Lancashire.

Compostable, 100% organic, plastic free, reusable.

Swap for: disposable wet wipes and baby wipes.

Why make the switch?
Having a baby and keeping low waste takes practice, but baby wipes are a great place to start an easy swap to make.

Despite looking pretty harmless, single use baby wipes are usually polypropylene mixed with cotton - making them durable, but also another potential type of plastic pollution (or another item in landfill).

These baby wipes are tried and tested, soft fleecy cotton material with one side able to grip dirt easily and gently. You can use them by running under the tap - or take out with you. Just take a small spray of your chosen mild cleanser/oil and a waterproof container to bring them home to wash.

Once used, either rinse with hot water to remove excess muck or put straight in the washing basket. Washable at 60 degrees.

Size: 20cm x 15cm

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