• Cotton 'Non Sponge' (2 Pack)

Cotton 'Non Sponge' (2 Pack)

2 x Handmade 100% Cotton eco-friendly alternative sponges. Use to wash up, clean and wipe surfaces.

A thoughtful alternative to artificial materials, this sponge will not scratch dishes or surfaces, and won't shed microplastics down the drain.

Hand made in Lancashire.

Compostable, 100% cotton, 50% organic materials, reusable.

Swap for: plastic based or disposable sponges

What Makes These Special?
Disposable 'regular' scourers and sponges break down easily, and end up leaving microplastics in our water. 
This natural alternative is hand made - the outer is 100% organic cotton black waffle fabric (so no visible stains) and it has 4 layers of soft cotton inside for absorbency. It has a gentle scourer effect but not a chance of it scratching your dishes.

Usage: Wash frequently, either in hot water or in the washing machine up to 60 degrees. Line or tumble dry.

Size: approx. 15cm x 10cm

Packaging: Recycled paper band.

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