Job Vacancies

We are currently looking to expand the Plentiful team:


20.5-30 hours over 3-4 Days Per Week (including most weekends) *may be willing to job share, 2 x 15 hours a week*

Published: 02/08/21


Job role includes:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service, going out of your way to assist and recommend
  • Maintaining veg display to high standard, including thorough checking, understanding how to store correctly, display and price correctly.
  • Increasing sales through visuals and recommendations to and from customers
  • Maintaining cleanliness and high presentation standards in shop
  • Transactions at till, including weighing and deducting weights of loose food
  • Filling containers at the till with cleaning liquids, etc. behind counter
  • Receiving and inputting incoming deliveries, stock taking
  • Filling dispensers/jars (often up to 20kg) following hygiene guidelines
  • Restocking shelves throughout the day
  • Labelling products and filling prepacked bags of food
  • Checking BBE dates, reducing and rotating stock
  • Packing and posting online orders
  • Cashing up and cleaning after each day
  • Deep cleaning scoops and containers and jars
  • Occasional veg box deliveries


You must have...


  • Retail Experience
    As a growing retail business, we have targets to meet and standards to keep to. Having retail experience is essential, as we'd like someone who can grasp good sales techniques and be able to navigate the retail environment. Having experience of fronting, maintaining displays and working with fruit and veg would be ideal.
  • GCSE mathematics – able to confidently deduct weights with decimal points. (we do have a calculator)
  • GCSE English - be able to spell products and write labels neatly and accurately.
  • Oozes confidence - a real people person
    We pride ourselves in being the best for friendly and approachable customer service. This means being able to hold great conversation with customers, being super helpful and not being afraid to suggest ideas and chat all things Plentiful. 
  • Be able to work on own initiative, including working and managing store alone
    There will be days you'll be working alone and will need to on the ball in spotting improvements on the shop floor and store room. We also need to be comfortable handing you a set of keys, knowing all standards will be upheld and on time.
  • Some knowledge (or at least interest) in sustainable living, veg and organic/wholefoods. 
    With over 700 products now, there's a lot to learn. Our ethos aligns with ethical shopping and we pride ourselves on selling ethical brands, organic food and sustainable items. Some knowledge or at least real interest in this will speak volumes. You'll pick this up more as you go, but at least some basis is essential. Having an interest in seasonal fruit and veg would be a great advantage.
  • Must be able to lift 20kg and be physically fit
    We regularly unload and lift sacks of 20kg, filling and restocking gravity bins do require physical strength and we're on our feet attending to the store most of the day.
  • Be able to maintain high visual retail standards
    We'd like someone who can spot a great display a mile off, and see what might make customers hesitate to buy. 
  • Tidy, good hygiene and attention to detail
    Being a shop full of loose food, spills are inevitable and we have high food standards to adhere to. Good attention to detail in keeping the shop tip top is extremely important. Constant sanitising and cleaning is very much a part of the role. We want someone who will spot untidiness a mile off and fix it right away, and ideally has food hygiene experience.
  • Great energy
    We mean this in both a literal and mental sense! We're looking for someone with a positive mental attitude and who thrives with lots to do. It's really important that we find someone who'd fit in with the Plentiful family. We're close knit and want to bring in someone we love to work with. 
  • Able to work under pressure
    With Christmas months on the horizon, we are bound to get BUSY. This means keeping an eye on stock, maintaining high standards of fruit and veg display, answering queries, and quickly working through a queue of customers at the till. It's essential that you can manage lots of tasks at once, and keep up friendly and positive chat.
  • Basic computer skills (for till use)
  • UK Drivers licence and own car


  • Experience of visual merchandising
  • Experience selling fruit, vegetables and fresh food
  • Social media (business page) management experience
  • Stock management


If this sounds like you, please e-mail a current CV and a thorough covering letter explaining how you meet requirements to Abbie at

Please also describe your availability & working hours. 


We don't have a closing date confirmed, as we'd like to make sure we really meet the right person for the role. We're a close knit team and want to make sure the right person joins the family! We recommend applying as soon as possible to not miss out.

Interviews will be held online (video call), before meeting face to face.

We aim to respond to all applicants.