• Traditional Razor Set
  • Traditional Razor Set
  • Traditional Razor Set

Traditional Razor Set

'The Naked Shave' Unisex Traditional Razor for men and women: a high quality razor meant to last.

Set includes: Razor, 5 x double edged blades & vegan shaving soap. 

Suitable for all genders - beards, legs, you name it.

Swap for: disposable plastic razors.

What makes it special? When it comes to shaving, having a great quality razor really does make all the difference. 'The Naked Necessities' razor set is a game changer.

Gone are the days of off-the-shelf plastic handles, blunt after a few  uses and thrown in the bin. This set is designed to last a lifetime. The blades are easily inserted by unscrewing the handle, and you're good to go.

Expect a closer and easier shave, just follow the weight of the razor without having to apply pressure.

Many people are apprehensive about these razors - 'What if I cut myself?!' but in reality - they're no extra risk. The metal end is rounded, so you can gently glide across the skin and barely touch the blade.

The head also has a gap separating it from the blade itself, meaning hairs do not 'clog' the razor, affecting how well it does the job.

Included in the set: 1 x Razor, 5 x Blades, 1 x Shaving Soap.

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