• Reusable Cotton Face Wipes
  • Reusable Cotton Face Wipes

Reusable Cotton Face Wipes

5 x Double sided & washable face wipes.

100% organic cotton.

One side muslin for exfoliating and removing makeup, the other super soft cotton for a gentle cleanse. 

Pack of 5, put in the washing machine or hand wash after use.

Hand made in Rossendale, Lancashire.

Compostable, 100% organic cotton, reusable.

Swap for: disposable face wipes and single use cotton pads.

Usage: Use to cleanse, tone, remove makeup, or exfoliate.

Either wet with warm water and use straight away, or add cleanser/facial soap and wipe face gently.

Once used, either rinse with hot water to remove excess makeup first, or put straight in the washing basket. Washable at 60 degrees.

Either line dry or tumble dry, but line drying will extend the life of the pads.

Size: 12.5cm x 12.5cm

  • £6.90