• Pad & Wipe Purse: Kaleidoscope

Pad & Wipe Purse: Kaleidoscope

Brightly patterned travel purse, designed to carry cloth pads, baby or face wipes when out and about.

Machine washable, zip fastening, fits multiple pads or wipes.

Swap for: disposable wipes and sanitary wear

These purses are super discreet, plus who'd have thought cloth wipes and pads could look this vibrant?

Staying low-waste and plastic free on the go can be daunting, but these purses remove the worry of what to do when out of the house. After all, reusable wipes and pads are an investment - they need looking after!

How to use: Store clean/used wipes and cloth pads, zip shut until home. Machine washable, or wipe clean.

Size: Approximately 15cm x 20cm

  • £6.00