Lunch Bag

Paper look lunch bag made to last. Big enough for a meal, snack and drink and a handle small enough to slide in your hand and carry on the go.

Hand made with vegan leather in Rossendale, Lancashire. 

Swap for: plastic packaged convenience lunches, cling film, single use sandwich bags.

Why is it special?
Grabbing lunch on the go is an easy place to slip up when going plastic free - so The Hidden Hem created a bag you'll look forward to carrying around.

It's made to look like a simple paper bag, and the feel and look of the stiffened fabric becomes weathered and more paper like over time. It's lightweight (90g to be exact) and is designed to be tough enough for every day use. In fact, the more it's used - the better it looks and feels.

Size wise, it's designed to fit a small box, a snack and a drink. It remains slimline and subtle and can be carried with it's '4 finger sized' strap. Size: 22cm x 20cm when fastened.

Folds and fastens with one metal popper.

Washable at 60 degrees.

Also available in mini snack pouch size.

  • £15.00