• High Nature Vitamin D3 2000iu (120 Capsules)

High Nature Vitamin D3 2000iu (120 Capsules)

Vitamin D, essential for bones and teeth, muscle function and immune support, is often low due to lack of exposure to sunshine. In the UK we can only make vitamin D through our skin from March to October, and it has to be sunny for this reaction to happen. Not guaranteed in a typical UK summer!

This vegetarian-friendly capsule is ideal to boost your levels and support your health. Low vitamin D levels are linked to many health conditions and few foods contain vitamin D so we cannot support levels through diet alone. So for most of us we need to supplement to make sure our vitamin D levels are tip top. Each vitamin D3 capsule provides 2000iu in the D3 form which is the active form of vitamin D. Take daily, especially during autumn and winter.

Vegan D3 coming soon.

Packaging: plastic bottle & lid - watch this space for new brand of glass packaged vitamins! We're working on it.