Recycled A5 Notebook & Pencil Combo

1 x A5 Plastic Free & 100% Recycled Paper Notepad / notebook
Pack of 5 HB Pencils Made From Recycled Newspaper


- 80 pages of dotted paper - from waste which would have been put in landfill or burned.

- Hand made in Sri Lanka


- Made by women artisans in Sri Lanka from recycled newspaper which would have gone to landfill otherwise.

- Non toxic and food grade glue and dye materials

- Each one is completely unique in words and images.

- Works just as a normal pencil, sharpen with a normal pencil sharpener.


Why switch?
Each year millions of trees are chopped down for our dependence on wood for items such as paper. If we can encourage a circular economy with all materials, not just plastic - then that means another less pressure on the earth.

Packaging to you, and to us:
Paper sleeve, carboard box

  • £9.50