• 5 pack Maistic plastic free all purpose cleaning cloth.

Micro Plastic Free All Purpose Cloths

5 Pack of Maistic plastic free cleaning cloths.

Maistic cloths are plastic and polyester free, and are made from wood based viscose instead. Most other cloths contain 20-50% polyester which can break down with use in cleaning the home.

They are suitable for cleaning most every day surfaces, soft and not scratchy but textured enough to grip dirt.

Masitic recommend reusing their cloths for as long as possible. Wash the cloths in the washing machine at 30-60 degrees Celsius. Washing at 90 degrees and tumble drying may reduce their life. They will change in texture and become softer with each wash but work just as well.

Packaging: Cardboard sleeve

Swap for: Typical cleaning cloths made from polyester and single use kitchen roll.

  • £3.25