• Green Bamboo Cutlery Set
  • Green Bamboo Cutlery Set

Green Bamboo Cutlery Set

Full set of bamboo cutlery - fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, straw and straw cleaner.

Includes carry case to wrap in & take with you for lunch/breakfast/dinner/tea/snack/munchies.

Slimline to fit in your bag or inside pocket for that buffet moment.

Swap for: plastic cutlery, disposable straws and single use chopsticks.

What makes it special?
This cutlery set has everything to avoid those hangry moments, even a bamboo straw. Having the full set means you can lend a spoon to your friend too - they're not getting away with a plastic fork that easily!

Plus, we love this set because it's so neat & lightweight, carrying it is a doddle. Each cutlery item is tucked behind elastic, kept separate & kept covered in the pouch.

Materials: Unvarnished bamboo utensils, jute & polyester pouch. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing timbers on the planet, and is compostable. It doesn't require large plantations to provide the same amount of material as wood.


- Use, wash before placing back in the pouch if possible - clean in hot soapy water rather than dishwasher to extend life.

- Dry before placing back in pouch.

  • £10.99