• Rainbow Bamboo Toothbrush (Adult Medium)
  • Rainbow Bamboo Toothbrush (Adult Medium)

Rainbow Bamboo Toothbrush (Adult Medium)

Bamboo adult toothbrush - medium rainbow coloured bristles.

Biodegradable handle, recyclable and recycled packaging, BPA free.

Swap for: plastic toothbrush.

What makes it special?
There are 66 million people in the UK. If we all changed our toothbrushes every 3 months, that's 260+ million plastic toothbrushes going to landfill or incinerated every year. By switching to a bamboo toothbrush, you are reducing this plastic by extraordinary lengths. Plus, this one really looks the part. We'd happily swap for this one!

Materials: Handle - The handle is made of bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber. It is the fastest growing plant on earth, and incredibly abundant.
Bristles - Nylon, so must be removed before composting handle. 

Usage: Use as you would a normal toothbrush, store in an environment where it can air dry (a holder, dry cup etc).  Once the bristles are worn, or after 3 months (dentist recommended) - pull out the bristles and the handle can be composted. 

Size: 17.5cm length

Packaging: Card box